You guys, I have something to tell you….

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…I will be guest blogging over at The Mom by Design blog this fall!!  I don’t know the specific date my post will go up, yet, but I know it will be sometime in September/October.  Stay tuned!!

The owner/operator of The Mom by Design is someone I have known a very long time.  Leah and I met when we were just little kiddies in a pre-preschool program.  We parted ways for grade school, but met up again in 6th grade and went on to high school together.  We then parted ways for college, but later reconnected thanks to the wonderful Internet!

Leah now owns her own interior design business called Settled In, is married, and has an adorable little girl who looks strikingly like the little, 4-year-old Leah I met twenty-five years ago. (Twenty five?? Where does time go??)  Leah has been blogging for quite a bit, sharing her interior decorating skills with the world, but she recently started The Mom by Design, which covers not just interior design but all aspects of life, focusing on family.  I love reading her blog and seeing her ideas for the home, entertaining, organization, etc., which are often budget-friendly and doable for all skill levels.

As you can tell just from reading her last ten posts, Leah is expecting baby #2 in October! So, she sought applications from readers willing to guest-blog during the month of October to give her a little blogging-break after the baby is born.  Smart cookie!

When I submitted my “application” to be a guest-blogger, I wasn’t sure I would be the ideal candidate, seeing as I’m not a seasoned blogger, know zilch about interior design or raising a family, and really don’t have any big ideas or unique skills to share.  But, Leah must believe in me, because I was picked!!

I am so excited and can’t wait for my post to appear on The Mom by Design!  I don’t want to give anything away, but I will share that my guest-post will be a fun book review 🙂


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