Tonight we tried a new Japanese izakaya restaurant ("izakaya" meaning "small plates") called Okatshe in the Tropicana (Atlantic City) and it was so amazing, I couldn't wait to get home and write about it! Ok, so when you walk up to the restaurant, this is what you see: Yes, that's right, the front of the restaurant… Continue reading Okatshe


Back to School?

I haven't been back to school in four years, but I still refer to this time of year as "back to school." And, even though I won't be attending school (EVER again), there are still certain things I do as part of a "back to school" routine. I know it sounds weird, but all those… Continue reading Back to School?

Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere…

When I was a young twenty-something living in a city, I could eat/drink/do pretty much anything and stay up as late as I wanted and still wake up looking and feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to conquer the day. Now that I am nearing thirty, that is no longer the case.  I can still stay… Continue reading Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere…