“Sunday morning rain is falling…”

https://youtu.be/S2Cti12XBw4 This past weekend was Labor Day Weekend, and if you live in South Jersey then you know that all day Saturday it poured.  While I'm sure this upset many beach bums, we could not have been any happier! There's nothing quite like a day full of rain and thunderstorms to use an excuse not to leave… Continue reading “Sunday morning rain is falling…”

Good morning, good morning, to you!

I'm not going to lie... I am not a morning person.  I don't like waking up early (which to me is anytime before 9 A.M.), and, when I finally do wake up, I am a very, very slow riser.  This makes mornings for me the worst part of my day. But, I have found that… Continue reading Good morning, good morning, to you!